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Iacocca An Autobiography

Iacocca An Autobiography

Iacocca An Autobiography Par Lee Iacocca Et William Novak (Préféré De Donald Trump) PDF Gratuit

Iacocca An Autobiography pdf

coverture de livre: Iacocca An Autobiography

Iacocca An Autobiography
Iacocca An Autobiography

Iacocca An Autobiography Par Lee Iacocca Et William Novak

At the age of thirty-six, I was the general manager of the biggest division in the world’s second largest company. At the same time, I was virtually unknown. Half the people at Ford didn’t know who I was.

The other half couldn’t pronounce my name. When Henry Ford called me over to his office in December of 1960, it was like being summoned to see God. We had shaken hands a few times, but this was the first time we ever had a real conversation. McNamara and Beacham had already told me they had sold Henry on the idea of making me head of the Ford Division, but they asked me to play dumb.

They knew that Henry would want to give me the impression it was his idea. I was thrilled by the promotion, but I could see that it put me in a delicate position. On the one hand, I was suddenly running the company’s elite division.

Henry Ford had personally entrusted me with the crown jewels. On the other hand, I had bypassed a hundred older and more experienced people on my way up the ladder.

Some of them, I knew, were resentful of my quick success. In addition, I still had no real credentials as a product man. At this point in my career there was no car that people could point to and say: “Iacocca did that one.” That left me with the area I did know: the people side of the business. I had to find out whether all my training in sales and marketing could be applied to working with people.

I had to use everything I had learned from my father, from Charlie Beacham, and from my own experience and common sense. It was testing time. One of my first ideas came from Wall Street. The Ford Motor Company had finally gone public only four years earlier, in 1956.

Now we were owned by a large group of stockholders, who were keenly interested in our health and productivity. Like other publicly-held corporations, we sent those stockholders a detailed financial report every three months. Four times a year they kept tabs on us through these quarterly reports, and four times a year we paid them a dividend out of our earnings. If our stockholders had a quarterly review system, why shouldn’t our executives?

I asked myself. I began to develop the management system I still use today. Over the years, I’ve regularly asked my key people -and I’ve had them ask their key people, and so on down the line-a few basic questions: “What are your objectives for the next ninety days?

What are your plans, your priorities, your hopes? And how do you intend to go about achieving them?” On the surface, this procedure may seem like little more than a tough-minded way to make employees accountable to their boss. Iacocca An Autobiography

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Titre de livre: Iacocca an Autobiography
Auteur(s): Lee Iacocca et William Novak
Catégorie(s): Autobiographie
Genre: Autobiographie
Langue: Français
format: PDF
Pages: 198 Pages
Taille: 4 M. B
Edition: jadidpdf
ISBN: 9780307788689

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